Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Surrogacy contract. What if DNA test shows Surrogate and her partner are bio parents, not intended parents?

Isn't it a no brainer IF baby's DNA shows he/she matches biological mom (surrogate) and her partner DNA and not that of the intended parents that the baby will go home with his/her bio parents?  Makes sense to me, but am wondering why the intended parents, in a certain situation that I am aware of, seem to think this unborn baby will be theirs to take home from the hospital.  Isn't the fact that this baby is not biologically connected to the intended parents make the contract null and void?  Just curious.  :)


  1. See when a person has their claim on something/someone they get pretty bold with their endeavours!

  2. Sounds like the contract would be null and void but the surrogate could/should be held liable for damages resulting from her deceit.

    1. What kind of evidence would it take for that to happen?

  3. Coming from the deceit queen herself ha clearly doesn't know the laws on traditional surrogacy in Florida anyways who does gross home inseminations without a doctor to control ovulation times, and to prevent "accidental" DNA issues. What was that protocol?