Monday, April 13, 2015

Info you may need to know if you are getting a call or text from someone who is using "google voice"

     Google Voice allows someone to pick and choose a phone number, from anywhere they desire and have that number show up on caller ID. So say you have a call come in from Louisiana that person may really be in Florida.

     If you suspect this and have an open case, here is info on how to validate the number:
Since Google Voice numbers aren't listed in phone books or connected to physical addresses, they're difficult to trace. When you call contacts from your Google Voice number, it shows up on their caller ID, but standard phone traces don't reveal your identity. If law enforcement agencies become involved, Google provides them with your account information, including the IP address from which you created the account and placed calls.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

NBCDateline Broken Trust/Heather Gaston, Burgess and other surnames.

Watch Sunday night April 5th 6CST for update of Heather Gaston and of her scams in adoption.  She is back out on the streets and has been convicted twice already.
Here is a preview:

If you missed the episode, here is an online link!  Wowsa, who's worse, Heather or Simone the one who ran an agency.  They both know what people want to hear and are not afraid to con them.  Despicable!  Heather is out of prison in PA and in a half way house now.  As far as I can see, she is not sorry for what she has done, and because of past behavior, she is predicting her future behavior.  Be careful out there potential adoptive parents, verify all the info you can! Do your research!

UPDATE 8/1/2015  Heather is pregnant! She has been contacting various agencies and pap's. No one knows if she will place in the end, but in the mean time she may be going for the highest bidder, or trying to live off her pregnancy. Be vigilant!