Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brandy Harsh/Alabama/Angel Adoption Agency

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation, a division of the Alabama Department of Public Safety, is investigating an adoption scam in east Alabama and seeks assistance from the public. 
At the request of Lanett Police Department, ABI is leading the investigation with support from the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Office.

Agents arrested Brandy Renee Harsh on May 22 in Tallapoosa Co. in connection with the adoption scam and charged her with felony first-degree theft of property and two misdemeanor charges that are related to adoption. Harsh is being held in the Tallapoosa Co. Jail on bonds totaling $500,000.

The investigation is ongoing, and anyone who knows of individuals who were affected by this scam or who has information concerning a company called Angel Adoption Agency or the email address may contact the ABI at 1-800-392-8011.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Halaina Smith/Halaina Walsh/Surrogacy

6/25/13: Not totally happy with the post below because it seems to get ugly in the comment section, but what keeps driving me is the fact that this couple I speak about has a little girl in their home and her Birth Certificate does not speak the truth. She has biological parents in California,,,she has brothers and a sister, grandparents and she has a right to know about them. The "step parent" adoption that I recently learned, really did happen, is illegal, because the two people that have her,,neither are biological parents to her.
 Over the years I have not only investigated scams but have also helped adoptee's find their birthparent's or birthparent's find their child and have been well educated by this process, by friends in the adoption world and adoption  professionals.  I fight in my state and support other states so that all adult adoptee's can get a non certified copy of their original birth certificate and fully understand what it means to the adopted person to hold theirs,,to see what should be, the truth. Now you have a couple such as this one who had no problems with lying on the little girl's birth certificate. It takes a very selfish person to do this to another human being.  When this little girl finds out one day, she will question her trust in them.  Their selfish desires caused this little girls chapter one to become a lie,,,what else will they lie about with her? A question she someday will undoubtedly  ask.  THEN they involve a young lady in their scheme to bring yet another baby into their home and choose not to work with in the law.  Sure one of their hearts got broken, but they brought all of this upon themselves,,,don't they get it??? This is why there are laws. 
Colm Walsh, I heard how broken-hearted you were when you visited with your sons for the first and last time,,I am sorry you had to go threw all of this but you chose to walk this road. As far as I am concerned the boys have the best mommy they can be blessed with,,,their mommy,,they are right where they should be and hopefully one day you will realize that she is being their protector and just like most mommys do, she will go to the end of the earth for her children.  My hope for you is that one day you will admit what you know is the truth and make things right in your life.  Do it for the little girl you are loving and carrying for. In the mean time, keep her safe. Many people have googled your wife's name and contacted me over the years, and those who have seen you with the little girl say how wonderful you are with her and you are definitely daddy material. Do right by her before it is to late.

This part of my blog was started on 5/20/2013: Normally I post about scams in adoption,,in this case that is how I first heard about this person, she was scamming in adoption,,,,,,was one of those emotional scams looking for attention.  This person moved over into surrogacy,,not as your normal scammer, but worse.  This person is in need of much more mental help then most of the other emotional scammers.

Halaina Walsh, maiden name Halaina Smith (in her 20's) lives in Texas (DFW area) for the most part. She moves around some.  She is married to Colm Walsh and has a little girl in their care, but it is questionable if that little girl is biologically Colm's.  Because of Halaina's tactics in getting a baby into her home,,it is highly doubtful that he is.  The little girl was born in California and it is believed that Colm's name was put on her birth certificate by her real mother.  Within 2 weeks of the little girls birth they high tailed it out of Calif and went to Tx where Halaina was from.  What were they running from??

In the past Halaina went by Hallie and pretended to be pregnant and do an adoption plan.  She strung a couple along on her sick game.  It didn't happen once, but twice that I know of.  At the same time she was playing with others hearts, she was on fertility forums posting about wanting to get pg,,then getting pg, then loosing pregnancy,,,with some much drama.  She also buys and sells her fertility drugs online.  After 2 marriages, she married Colm,,and has had too many pregnancy's before and after her marriage to him to count,,loosing everyone of them, and can't show proof for any.   She has put the people in her life on a roller coaster,,some are smart enough to get off.  That is when I usually hear from them, as they know something is "off" about her and they see major red flags and google her name.  She has stolen from people, including her in laws. Some family members have a hard time dealing with her and no one trust her as far as they can throw her.

Her latest endeavor involved a vulnerable young lady who heard Halaina's "sad story",,felt sorry for her and agreed to become a surrogate. She trusted Halaina knew what she was talking about. What Halaina knew, was traditional (carriers eggs, donated sperm) surrogacy is against the law in TX. A surrogate in TX also must have a successful pregnancy prior to becoming a surrogate.  A couple of other laws in there that she broke too.  You see Halaina is smart (not so much),,she has to be, and educates herself on "how I can get away with this to fulfill my own desires"  She is very calculating, manipulative, and narcissistic.   She played doctor and gave meds,,manipulated doctors, and medical staff.  Well for a while she did,,they eventually figured her out,,saw her for who she really is.  To get the young lady pregnant, they basically used the "turkey baster method",,even though she had a check up with the doctor,,Halaina played doctor in the end.

When they went to get an ultrasound done, Halaina had the tech put her name on the ultrasound,,,how did that happen you ask?? Well Halaina had a fake ID made up (remember she is very resourceful and smart) with this young lady's picture and her own name.  Went to ultrasound place  where no one knew them and had it done.  She then proceeded to lead family and friends into believing she was the one who was pregnant.  Pretty sick huh???  Oh and Colm went along with it,,even with his own family.  They even posted a picture of the two of them making a heart sign over Halaina's stomach...She is heavy so it does look like a pregnant belly. They will tell you they did this because his parents wouldn't except a grandbaby via surrogacy, because they didn't except their daughter who they claimed was born via surrogacy......lies, lies and more lies. The biological mother and father both have stated the baby (little girl) is theirs....shame on them for allowing such sick people to take her.   The little girl wasn't born via a surrogacy contract in the first place. AND the parents had already heard so many lies from her that they came to the conclusion they couldn't believe one word that comes out of her mouth.  Every few months they would hear she was pregnant with one, two, four babies,,,then poof they were gone.  The problem with people like Halaina is they live in a fantasy world,,kind of sad really,,but even worse, they pull innocent people into it.

The saga with her is not over with her yet.  She is mad as a hot hen because the young lady who got pregnant delivered twins and chose to parent.  She figured things out soon enough. I think Halaina would not make a good parent and needs to spend the next few years in counseling and not in a home parenting children.  She is posting on the internet looking for a new surrogate. Offering about $3000.  Watch out college students,,,she will give you clomid which can cause great havoc on your ovaries!!  She will promise you $10-20 thousand dollars once you give her the baby (you will never see it) and all the while not give a care to the fact that if you hand your baby over to her in the state of TX as a traditional surrogate you can be charged with human trafficking.  If you don't believe me then call no less then 3 surrogate attorney's,,,,,,and not the one she would tell you to call.

  This is where she is looking for a new surrogate/egg donor.  She is telling me:  Traditional surrogacy isn't illegal in texas, it just isn't recognized. It's handled differently then a gestational surrogacy. Instead of the intended parents names going directly on the birth certificate, the surrogates name goes on the birth certificate along with the intended mothers husband then the intended mother completes a step parent adoption to get her name on the birth certificate. It's a relatively easy process but it does involve the intended mother undergoing CPS checks, an FBI background check, being fingerprinted, and an adoption home study with the couple and the child. 

This instead of straight up adoption????

Need to make a couple of corrections/updates here,,I posted this before,,deleted it but it is time for it to get put back up.,,,,,,,,,,,we THINK she may be married,,,there was a ceremony BUT no where in TX can you find a divorce between her and Joseph Bradam (2nd husband) or in Calif.  She did file for a divorce in San Mateo county california, asked for fee to be waived, judge said no, she never paid the fee, even after the clerk contacted her and she said she would come in to pay it,,,,,,,file closed,,,,,,,,,,SO?? is she Halaina Walsh or Halaina Smith like her TX ID states???

This woman is scary,,,and he is following in her foot steps!  They cannot produce evidence of a legal adoption of the little girl that was born in California,,and he lied about being the biological father,,no adoption,,no proven paternity, has the child illegally. Question is,,how long will they be able to keep her in their home??

As of today,,case asking for custody of the twin baby boys,,,Colm dropped the case,,,why??? He can't produce all that he needs too??? Or refuses to do so.

And Halaina Smith is still saying "I think I am pregnant"  and in search of a surrogate.......doubt she will ever stop,,,now Colm just gave up his chances of having a relationship with his boys,,,,,,all for her???????

Boy oh boy, this case qualifies for a lifetime movie!!


There was a "step parent" adoption with the little girl.  An unsuspecting attorney petitioned for the adoption.  That attorney, now knows the truth,,,,,,,,,,,wonder if she will do the right thing and get that adoption over turned??? She knows that she was lied too and cannot trust a thing she was told. That poor little girl is growing up as a secret and if you have any clue as to how an adopted person feels as a "secret" you would understand this is not morally right, not ethically right...and harms the child/adults soul.   Once again this shows the self serving characters of these two people.

Here is a picture that Halaina recently had on her public FB page.  Would you look at this pic and think,,,Ohh she is pregnant with a girl and is in a hospital/clinic being monitored?????  WITH SUNGLASSES??? Sunglasses  threw up a red flag for me,,so I did an image search and found the owner of this actual picture,,,and of course it was not Halaina,,look close,,pretty good photoshopping Halaina!  Or did this gal steal your picture Halaina??? 

While I am adding pictures,,I would like to add this ultrasound. Notice it looks like the real thing,,,because it is,,it is an ultrasound and has Halaina Walsh's name on it.........seems she is pregnant with did you do that Halaina????  It was actually the young lady who had the ultrasound done,,,but you had your name added,,,how did you do that Halaina????  It was an ultrasound that you soooooooooooo proudly posted and sent out as Halaina and Colm being pregnant with twins........sick,,just sick.

UPDATE JULY 7th 2013

Another interesting contact came forward because of this blog.  Seems people google HSW's name often.  This person who contacted me almost became an egg donor for the Walsh's, (within two weeks after the twins were born) How quickly HSW got over the mom changing her mind and deciding to keep.,,thankfully she was able to see through HSW enough to know that she needed to back out.  She was able to figure out the lies she was being told, to question what she was being told, and question her own safety.  HSW even went so far as to get someone to act as the surrogate who had the twins, on a phone call and explain why she backed out.  Wonder how HSW talked someone into doing that or why??? Who would ask someone to do that??? Hope that person realized the only reason she was asked is because HSW was probably lying through her teeth about things,,,,as she has done to so many before.  Sure it will be a matter of time before that person decides that being used, manipulated, abused is not the kind of life she wants and has the strength to tell HSW where to go.  
Noticed this person had made a couple of comments on HSW's fundly fundraiser page,,,and now that has been deleted. Must have scared HSW?? probably not,,she doesn't scare easy,,she believes everything she tells herself.
Once again, this person told me something I have heard so many times,,and that is the threats HSW hands out when she doesn't get what she wants.  Understand, people are afraid of HSW, not for any other reason but for her acting like someone in her terrible twos with a gun. That is the kind of "crazy" people have had to deal with when telling her no, or calling her out. She once again sent a death threat,,she does not type these death threats out on her own, anyway she can make it seem she did not do something,,she will take that route,,but she really is not as smart as she would like one to think. She also becomes a stalker,,,,,,,,,where is the little girl while she is acting crazy? How safe is this little girl??

 I have listened to people tell me how she has bullied them, manipulated them, conned them and the worst is how badly she treats the little girl she has her home, this person who contacted me shared the same.  Come on Colm,,step up for God's sake!! Grow some new ones and take care of that baby!!

HSW also went to a group for moms of multiples,,even after not getting the babies,,she was asked to leave...yes, HSW you know who I am talking about,,you went even after this lady wanted nothing more to do with you,,intimidation by fear???  You are getting mighty bold!

Update- August 2 2013:

Here is the fake paternity test she claimed was the proof that Colm is the little girls father.  Can find similar one online.  She had posted this on a FB page she had done to bad mouth the surrogate, and to gain unsuspecting support. She had blackened all of the results out,, probably because she would have had to change all the # results and it was too much work.  

Update 8/4/2013:  Hailyn?? Really Halaina??  or should I say Hadley?? So  you knew you were moving prior to the termination papers were served??  U weren't going to share the boys were you, you couldn't stand that and you weren't going to allow Colm to stay in their lives. How did you justify that with him?  Here is one of the few different names Halaina has used over the years...Or should I say Mckenna Walsh, Hadley Breathnach, Hadley Brannagh?? Halaina Smith, Alaina Smith, Halisha Smith, Alaina Walsh, Halaina Walsh, and a few others..geeeesh.  A flexitarian my butt..

    • 5/14/14
      Two different post, both full of lies, and both done by the same person.

      She claims I stalk her.  Sure it seems like it at times.  The things is, you know she will never be quiet, it is not in her character.  A scammer or one with a narcissistic personality always has to feel in control of other people and their reactions. They always feel they must be right, have no empathy for others, view their world as they see fit,,,unable to stand on the outside and look into their lives because if they did, they wouldn't like what they see,,,what others easily see.  Also, if they saw what others do, they would see the hurt they have caused, and since they lack the ability to "feel", they lack the ability to deal with the consequences.  In fact that do not think consequences exist,,they are always planning and plotting,,,needing to stay one to ten steps ahead of everyone,,,,but they are part of human nature, and one day it will all crumble.  One who is of this character is in constant need of attention, and they set patterns.  Seems like the "pattern" has began once again and the need for attention is very strong right now.  Her need for control is also very strong,,,,,,,,,,,I knew it was only a matter of time, as this is her pattern.

      5/23/14  Wow it never ceases to shock me!  Yet another person has contacted me with their story of how they once trusted and then were deceived by this gal.  I am alway sorry to hear this has happened and continue to happen. No one deserves to be hurt like so many have.

      8/1/14   UGH!  Once again Haygen's name has been changed!  Someone needs to get educated on what happens to a person's being when you change their identity. The effects can be monumental.  
      Same old, same old with Halaina,,,,she tells people she needs to change her name because of this blog,,REALLY??? Why not just stop what she is doing,,,why not be happy with what she has?? Why does she have to try and ruin another persons life, especially when she is not getting what she wants.  She can keep changing her name, but she will never change who she is on the inside,,,she leaves a trail every where she goes. 
      Again surrogacy,,,,she is trying for the "sister wife" situation.  She wants to get someone pregnant with Colm's sperm in a way that she does not have to put out any funds.  Although she will promise money and medical care,,maybe even legals,,she will write up her own contract, present it as legal and have one go to a notary,,,but in reality,,esp with the fraudulent names,,,it is not legal. She prays upon unsuspecting young ladies,,,ones who fall for her "victim" stories and so they are thinking they are helping this "poor, poor soul".  She is very good at what she does.  BEWARE!