Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Getting pregnant as a Gestational Surrogate for the purpose of being able to breast feed her surrogats baby.

Kind of wild that one would waste someone's perfect male embryo for selfish purposes.
If you have trouble filling in the blanks I can help.  This is part of a public file on a case where detectives had to go in and get DNA because Samantha Keegan played with the heart of a gentleman who was looking for a carrier. She made him believe she could carry a baby, but has never and can never carry a baby.  She did this after doing the samething to a married couple.  The devastation she left behind was incredible.
Also, the reason why they had to change their names, social security numbers etc is laughable.  Like really??? You can do that legally????  HA!
And IF you are wondering why no charges were brought up it was because the only reason the detectives were interviewing the Walsh's aka Keegan's was they had a warrant and the warrant allowed them to take DNA samples on baby and Colm Walsh/Cormac Keegan and to remove anything that appeared to be tied to the investigation.  They WERE NOT THERE to prove if they were legally Samantha and Cormac Keegan. Good thing is that they now have record of their statements in regards to who they are, and what their game was.  There are other such records, which are all public through the Hillsborough County clerk of courts.  You can get the REAL story there if you take the time to do so.  I thank the individual that did so.  :)

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