Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heather Burgess/Gaston in PA.

Heather is stating she is pregnant and stated she was due at the end of Jan 2016.  She is also going under different names, stating she is homeless, sleeping in her car.  She is from Philadelphia/Reading PA area. She has a long history of scamming, both with being pregnant and not being pregnant.  She has been convicted for it more then once, or twice for that matter.  She has been on the run from authorities since Nov and is wanted on a felony warrant.  So if you have been contacted by her, meet up with her or given her funds for her fake pregnancy, the authorities in Chester County PA would be interested in hearing from you.
You can also contact Shelia Davis at Heaven Sent Adoption.  
Update!  Shelia contacted me and let me know that Heather has been arrested.

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