Monday, September 22, 2014

The story being told.

Over the years different news agency's have contacted me in regards to doing a story on these different scams. Always appreciate them getting the word out, educating others and helping get more facts together for prosecution.

A few of them have even approached the person  who is doing the scam, utilizing a camera man.  Some of the perps have a hard time thinking on their feet when that happens.  :)

Not to long ago I was approached for a story which involved internet deception and a child or children.
More and more we are hearing about prosecution of child trafficking,,,so I was glad to share a couple of cases I have been working on over the years.  Love the fact that they are able to get even more info then I can and they have the means to get the word out!

The shows that are being done will be very in depth and I hope the right people in authority will have their eyes and ears open!!  If not, we will have the transcripts to send to them!

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