Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tammy/Tammi Moncus/Sacramento Calif

Tammy Moncus from the Sacramento area is scamming again!! I have info on her from back to 2007 when her son Christopher was 2. She is an emotional scammer and has upped her game. She even had a baby shower thrown for her...people went. In the past she was never pregnant, just very very heavy. Again, she is not pregnant. She is using a fake ultrasound,,and has built quite the following. Beware of her!!!She will go by other names, always says she either works or is studying to be in the medical field,,,she has no problem with having you fly to her and hang out with her.  She is very good at what she does!
If you are working with her or know of someone that is,,,join adoptionscams yahoogroup and do a search using her last name and you will see her history.
REMEMBER,,,be very careful and get proof of pregnancy which can be verified!  Don't invest a lot of time into someone who offers a lot of drama,,excuses and sends ultrasounds without verifiable information!


  1. I've heard she has another victim. I'm trying to find out who it is to warn her. - Melinda, Last Victim