Saturday, July 16, 2016

Who is April Lusk, what kind of scams does she pull?

First off THANK YOU
Lauren Sausser
Health Editor and Reporter
The Post and Courier
134 Columbus St.
Charleston, SC 29403
@laurenmsausser on Twitter

For doing such an amazing job on the research of who is April Lusk, and telling the stories of the many who she has scammed.  To those who were scammed, I am so sorry! As I listened to your stories, ours replayed in my head.  The April Lusk's of the world have no clue, nor do they care, of the damage they leave behind.
The link below will take you to Lauren's article and also there are 3 parts of a podcast to listen too.

After listening to the podcast, I kept thinking "how can we stop her" and others like her?  One thought was to inundate her local police department, the Attorney General's office, her local prosecutor's office, with calls, facts and documentation.   But as you hear, she is not doing something that is deemed illegal, but what she IS doing is highly immoral and unethical, and she does it with no conscious, feels no empathy, it is well planned out, and she needs mental health therapy.  She pulls these scams and it seems she never looks back to access the damage, but keeps moving forward and on to the next.  What kind of person gets joy by playing the dying victim,,, a person who needs major mental health, and it is my prayer that her son has not been so damaged that he thinks his moms antics are ok.  I would also like to call out her roomie, Linda Hodges,,,,, Hello??????????? Linda, what the heck do you do,,,sit back and listen to April on the phone as she is playing with peoples lives???? Where do you go when people are knocking on the door???? How are you protecting the child in the house??? Who will decide when April has taken this all too far??

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