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Psychopathic personality

Found this very interesting as tons of people have asked me over the years why this person has lied and scammed them.

Here is an interesting example:
An Opportunist Psychopath Never Misses a Chance to Use the Pity Ploy
The psychopath also can’t spell which is an inconvenience sometimes.  He said he was dyslexic, so people felt sorry for him and tried to help him with any writing or testing he was required to do. But the real test, was ontheir boundaries of responsibility.  How far would they go for a dyslexic friend who is just trying to get his pilot’s license, so he can earn a living and feed his sick wife?  Would they falsify log books?  Would they hire him to fly commercially and illegally?   Would they refer him to their friends and associates?  No license means no insurance.  Would they take that risk?  They did and they still do. Now he has them ensnared in his illegal behavior.  What else will they have do to protect their own reputations, families and finances, now that they’ve taken the first step down the slippery slope?  They’ll have to protect the psychopath first.  What they, and I, failed to consider is that the pilot’s license tests are MULTIPLE CHOICE.  To take the test, you don’t have to know how to spell.  And the psychopath reads just fine, he reads the maintenance manuals for keeping his aircraft airworthy and does the work himself.  Duped again.
The psychopath’s dyslexia may seem a disadvantage, but in a 180 degree maneuver, he uses it as part of a pity ploy, asking people to make exceptions for his disability –and nice people do.  They expect gratitude but they will get the opposite.  He will use this favor, that you did for him, to slide into your circle of trust. From there he might offer to work on your aircraft or car to show his appreciation.  He’ll make you feel safe.  Then he’ll sabotage you.   Ted Bundy used a fake cast, but this psychopath uses his real disabilities.  It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake, since they both work equally well, in the pity ploy.
I’ve noticed that psychopaths rarely have just one goal.  They layer their goals.  The first step is always to gather minions who will do their bidding.  Whether the psychopath wants sex, money, power or just needs drama, he will bring his players together like a conductor at a symphony.
They usually also plan an exit strategy, but it’s not very well planned because they don’t think they will lose.
For example, the psychopath became friendly with the cops in three counties and with homeland security.  But he forgot the FBI.  That was a chink in his armor.  He also thought I wouldn’t figure out that he was planning to kill me, another mistake.
The last big mistake that all psychopaths make today, is to underestimate the power of the internet.  Once everyone learns to recognize their behaviors and strategies, they can’t hide and there will be nowhere to run –except off an ice shelf in the arctic.

Why do psychopaths lie?  Actually there is a method to their madness. The psychopath’s lies are usually 180 degrees the opposite of the truth. These lies serve the purpose of misdirection.
Disinformation : 180 Degrees the Opposite of the Truth
Because they use every single bit of information they learn about us, to control us, they assume that everyone else, is doing that same thing. They think we would poison their favorite food and cut their brake lines. After all, if they think that way, doesn’t everyone? When psychopaths lie, they are protecting themselves from being known and being vulnerable.   All psychopaths are paranoid.  One psychopath I know, fears and hates Google  with a passion. He knows Google is collecting information on him. I can’t imagine what he thinks Google is planning to do to him! Instead of Google, he uses Duckduckgo as his search engine. In addition to using Duckduckgo, psychopaths handle their paranoia by giving disinformation at every opportunity. That disinformation will generally point in the 180 degree opposite direction to the truth and it creates their mask. There is only one thing that a psychopath really values and that is, his or her mask.  Because most people can’t imagine lying about everything that they are, this mask enables psychopaths to con and manipulate, to cheat and to steal, even to kill and get away with it because nobody ever imagined what they were really like. They view life as a game to win and they want to win by lying, cheating and manipulating.
Turning the Table on the Psychopath
It’s ironic that empathic people trust the psychopath because we can’t imagine being so duplicitous. Yet the psychopath, who relies on our trust and naivety, still feels paranoia, thinking that we will do unto them as they would do unto us.  The psychopath actually has good reason to feel this way. He or she, knows that you might find out what they really are. You might realize that everything they’ve ever presented to you was a malicious lie. They believe that people will want revenge or will try to hold them responsible for their evil deeds. For psychopaths, that’s a very good reason to keep their identities, locations , “friends” and habits, secret from you.
In the past, psychopaths have gotten away with evil by playing this game of lies, deceit and manipulation. Most of us observed some aspects of it, but didn’t know what it meant. Now the tide is turning. As knowledge of psychopaths and their machinations becomes more common, the lies that once hid these abusers, now reveal them. I wonder where they will hide next?

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