Thursday, February 26, 2015

Halaina Walsh aka a whole bunch of other names, from Texas, Florida, California and she will also make you believe she rein's in a couple of other states. SHE CANNOT GET PREGNANT, I repeat, she CANNOT GET PREGNANT! Also, SHE CANNOT AFFORD A SURROGATE, THE PROCEDURE, OR WHAT COMES AFTER!! She is very capable of producing documents that will make you believe she can,,,,just do your research and you will figure this out.
IF you are concerned for the little girl in her care, who is not biologically connected to Halaina or her husband Colm aka what ever they decide to call him, call DSS,DHS,Department of Family Services, in your county or the county where they are living at the moment.  EVEN if you don't think you have enough info,,,there is a file and the big picture will make a difference. ADD your info to that file. Put the little girl above all else, even your fear (she can scare a person with this craziness).  Imagine the fear this little girl has come to know. She has NO-ONE protecting her! Do what is morally and ethically correct! If you don't want to make a call, then send a letter via snail mail. Send it to the State and the County offices.

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