Monday, May 12, 2014

We are looking for anyone who has had dealings with a Heather Burgess (aka: Gaston, Copertina, Scrugs, Coperino) in the past two years. She was also listed by Lil Snee as Birthmom “Hennie” back in August, September, October of 2013.

She is a known scammer who has served time in Michigan and California. I have attached the most recent photo I have of her.

She is currently incarcerated in a PA prison on unrelated charges and will have an plea hearing on May 15th.  I have spoken with the Prosecuting Attorney regarding the illegal actions in adoption she has been involved with and they would like to have evidence of the most recent fraud actions prior to the hearing if we can.

If you have sent her or given an agency or attorney money for this woman please let me know. You can email me the information and please include your address and phone number – I will forward to the Prosecuting Attorney for them to get move if they need it.

Please help us hold her accountable for her actions and stop her from hurting others!!! THANKS!!

Thank You

Shelia Davis
Director/Referral Coordinator
Heaven Sent Adoption Services, Inc.

Licensed Child Placing Agency in Michigan.

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