Thursday, September 26, 2013

Giving Hope Rescue Mission/Haiti Orphanage,,something shady is going on!

In July of 2013 Heather Elyse said this to all of her adoptive families:

“I know there are lots of blogs going around stating that they adopted their child and then found out it wasn't legit later on. I want to throw up when I read those blogs. How dare an adoptive parent say that after they have adopted and the child is living with them? What kind of message is that saying to the child? My response to those kind of ignorant blogs is: if you feel your adoption was unethical then please give your child back and stop blogging about it. I am sure bio parents will only do drugs on the weekends and maybe they can finish 4th grade. ;) (sarcasm)”

Who says that?? Heather Elyse the director of the Giving Hope Rescue Mission. What kind of professional is she?? You are not one I would want to associate with Heather Elyse!

To have a judge go with a potential adoptive family to the Orphanage and help them find their son, speaks volumes.  I hope there is indeed an investigation going on!

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