Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Missing Gabriel Johnson, from San Antonio Tx, was he adopted?

In Dec. 2009, it is my belief that Gabriel Johnson, then 8 months old, was placed for adoption in San Antonio Tx,  and not killed by his mother, Elizabeth Johnson of Tempe Arizona.  Mom went to Tx after learning that if  a baby's parents were not married and dad does not sign onto a birthfather registry, then his rights can and will be terminated..........that simple,,thanks Texas legislators. Mom just so happen to stay in a hotel where 2 adoption agencies house expectant moms who are making an adoption plan. The hotel had a few pregnant gals staying there at the time. Mom met up with individuals on her short stay there. Mom was adamant to hand Gabriel off to someone else so she could free herself up to moving on with her life.  She had been trying to do this for awhile,,as she placed him with Tammy Peters Smith and her husband Jack Smith. She also went along with Tammy Peters Smith's dumb idea, while she was still in AZ, to name Tammy's cousin Craig Cherry as a possible father on custody court papers. Tammy was successfully charged for her hand in this, as was Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, decided to try and hurt Gabriel's father by texting him a message that she killed Gabriel,,,,,,,but never has their been any evidence pointing to the fact that this is even true. In fact the evidence all points to the fact that she placed him in the hands of a family or adoption agency professional prior to boarding a bus and heading to Florida,,where she was found with some $$$'s on her.

It is my belief that Gabriel is out there, now 4 years old, and someone has him in their home. One day he will find his way home, because it is my belief that he will never feel like he "belongs".  And when he finds out the truth, it is the people who have him through an unethical and frankly an illegal adoption, who he will point to, be angry at, and distrust.  How can these people hang on to another human being, knowing full well that he has a daddy who wants  him home and never agreed to adoption in the first place. Logan McQuery always wanted his son, wanted to raise him,,but instead two women decided they would follow through with their own agenda.

You can listen to this blog radio show and learn more about Gabriel Johnson and the details surrounding his disappearance.

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