Thursday, January 5, 2012


Will this broad ever learn????

Her name is Aimee, 19 and originally from Texas
Her number was from the 724 area code
Her email was
Due with baby girl on Jan. 17th
2nd year nursing student working at Walmart
Living in Indiana, PA with birthfather
Birthfather's name is Mike
He is 21 and studying criminal justice.
He works at an after school program for troubled boys
Placed baby girl for open adoption in 2009
Wants closed adoption this time because it is too hard having an open one
Stated up front that she does not need assistance or money because they are both employed and have medical insurance

She had an appointment with a caseworker from our agency's Maryland branch. Conveniently went into labor the night before. We took a red-eye flight all the way from Idaho to Pennsylvania on Thursday, Jan 29 and learned at the hospital the Friday afternoon that there was no patient by that name.

She was arrested early Friday morning by Kittanning police for stealing money from the women's shelter. They confiscated 4 cell phones and 2 plane tickets to Tennessee for Jan. 12th. The police found our texts on her cell phone and immediately called us. Apparently she had been talking to 10 other couples as well and probably had plans to . She is not pregnant and there is no baby. The birthfather Mike does not exist and she was pretending to be him in her text messages and email with us.

The officer who contacted us is working to have her charged with fraud by deception. He has asked for us to post this so perhaps her other current victims will come forward. Here is his contact information.

Officer Greg Koprivnak
Kittanning Borough Police Department
300 South McKean Street
Kittanning, Pa 16201

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