Friday, November 4, 2011

Taking advantage of an expectant mom.

Just watched a young lady on Dr. Phil who was arrested for selling her baby.  I don't think she was telling the whole truth but she definitively was being taken advantage of.  She is a young single mom of two who found herself pregnant again, decided life for her baby and then an adoption plan.  Didn't catch how she met up with a same sex couple, males, who she chose as adoptive parents.  She stated they took her to an atty who suggested,,,,,,,"so you don't have to go through all the adoption crap,,just throw one of your names on the birth certificate".
This gals mom was ok with the adoption plan but her grandma wasn't. She was freaking out because she felt her great-grand child was going to strangers, so she made calls to authorities.  The investigation happen around the time baby was born,,LE found evidence of expense sheet and how much was paid out to mom, etc...........Apparently this John couldn't get a homestudy done because of his criminal background,,so he was skirting the law.  Here is this young mom who saw that she would receive funds for the next few months and probably a pay off in the end,,,guess she is at fault too.........she had to have known this was wrong.
I want to just shake these people!!

 In the end you will have a baby grow up as an adult and have a fake birth certificate and not have a biological fathers name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think please!!

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