Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry I scammed, but am pregnant again and placing this time. I have changed!

Title says it all. I don't know how many times I have heard this.  The con artist tells me or others,,"really, I won't be doing this again, and even though I make an adoption plan I have the right to change my mind!"  The part that is true, is she has the right to change her mind, and a legit expectant mom should never have the right taken away,,,but it is the cons, who use this law, that makes it so difficult on the adoption professionals or potential adoptive parents.  Still I wouldn't want to see the law change.

Because of the funds paid out,,,sometimes with no proof of pregnancy, or first time meeting, these type of scams will continue to happen.  If everyone would just follow the laws, or not fall for the "I am homeless,sleeping in my car and need money to come to where you are" story,,,maybe just maybe we would have less fraud in adoption.

If mom is truly homeless, there is plenty one can do to help her. A lot of adoption agency's or professionals will go out of their way to help search out the proper resources for the mom.  They know how to do this and do it on a daily basis. They also adhere to their policy to turn away gals who call with such dramatic stories, because they know 9 times out of 10 it is a fraud. Why would they want to match their clients with such a risky situation?

There are times when a person who has scammed in the past truly does get pg and is searching out a placement plan, mainly because she may not be allowed to take baby home, baby may be removed from the state. And just because the baby will be born and placed, doesn't mean this gal won't bring on the drama, get all she can out of her situation, not stop until a couple of months after baby is born.  It takes a special kind of person to be willing to deal with her for a few months at a time, and that goes for the adoption professional too. Can't imagine what it would be like.  Had one gal who would do this,,,she did it through 4 pregnancy's. She would become matched, play those people for all it was worth, then state she wasn't placing after all and move onto new ones,,,continue this throughout her pregnancy. In the end, she would walk out of the hospital, contacting new people stating she gave birth and would like to place baby with them,,,but I need $'s and a few other things, and then when it was time to sign consent (which she held off on as long as she could) she would state "I don't want to place after all" and move onto another couple until authorities were contacted and she lost the baby to foster care or her mom stepped in and took one.  In the end, she was ultimately arrested and is now in prison,,,for about 10 more years.  Children are all doing well and in homes where they were wanted.

These stories sound far fetched at times, but sadly they are true.  All I can do is become a prayer warrior for those who have such sad, broken hearts, who  allow evil to overtake them

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