Tuesday, September 27, 2011

While watching and listening to this news cast  http://www.ktul.com/story/15552861/muskogee-woman-accused-of-adoption-scam   because she is feeling the pain of placing a baby?? I would believe her if she hadn't also scammed when she was pregnant with that baby.   She had stated in another news cast that these potential adoptive parents pay out thousands to agency's why is it she didn't get any money, so basically, what she meant is, they took from me, now I will take from them.
Makes me wonder how she was treated when she placed her baby. Would love to hear that story! It still does not give her the right to do what she has been doing,,hope she gets some help, seems obvious to me what her issue is. And her mom is just wrong in her justification of Davanna's reasoning and actions.

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