Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good news! Or I think it is good news,,hope it is good news. Got an email from an Indiana Detective who is working on the Lynn Smith Ellis case,,he is waiting on a final vital piece of information and then we should hear that she has been arrested!  This investigation started in March 2011,,,longest one so far and in the end I believe FBI may get involve which would start the investigation all over again. Or if the State of IND. can come up with a good case against Lynn, it may be decided the states case is stronger and the punishment will be harsher then what FBI would be able to hand down.
Lynn Ellis  started out wanting to adopt and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, cannot go about adopting in the legal fashion in which one has to.  Number one thing a potential adoptive parent needs to start the adoption process is a home study. Since Lynn couldn't get one done she found an agency website who had posted a copy of a home study letter on their website, they didn't realize someone would copy and paste it, fill in their info and try and pass it off as a legit one . She then tried to pass it off with a few adoption professionals and  raised enough red flags and after they verified  some of the information on the h/s was false, came to adoptionscams for help.  It wasn't hard to find the web site and figure out what she had done.
I guess this gal decided since that didn't work she would hang her shingles as a facilitator, called her service Tinkerbell Adoption Referral Service, and try to lure in unsuspecting pregnant gals looking towards adoption.  One thing she didn't look into before setting up shop was that Indiana had just past a new law that outlawed facilitators in that state.  Or maybe she knew this info, after all she faked a h/s, and she didn't care if she was breaking the law once again.
While she spent time looking for a pregnant gal to work with, she was also collecting funds from potential adoptive families, and presenting them with a situations that we believe didn't exist. Should find that out once the charges are filed, as they confiscated her computer which she used to do her dirty work.  She would get everyone's hopes up and then in the end, baby either died, mom changed her mind or mom simply disappeared.  One pregnant mom, who she saved for herself, or was planning on "selling", did fly to Gary Indiana, where Lynn lives, to place her newborn for adoption with the Ellis's. Once she got there, she started to feel uncomfortable, also saw that Lynn wasn't ready for a baby and there apparently were other major red flags, so THANK GOD, this mom got on the next plane home with her baby.
Believe me, this is not the only person who try's to bring a baby into their home illegally.
The saddest part in all of this, is I am not so sure her husband knew what she was doing and she does have a teen daughter who will be greatly affected by her moms actions.

Here is one of the news stories on this case.

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