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Davanna Dotson/Muskogee, Oklahoma

Well, here goes, first blog post!
For sometime now, a gal by the name of Davanna Dotston, goes by DeAmber Dotson has been contacting potential adoptive parents stating that she is pregnant, or has given birth (says sons name is Jeremy). She is not pregnant and has not just given birth and is playing the part of expectant mom for the purpose of receiving money.  There is a detective working the case now. Det Lynn can be reached at 918-680-3144.
This scam could have been shut down if 100% of the potential adoptive parents had insisted on gaining proof of pregnancy and then were able to verify it.  But this con artist was able to play into the pap's emotions and she said everything they want to hear, therefore some people jumped the gun and sent her funds. Don't know if anyone sent funds directly or not,,hope not, they need to use an adoption professional, whether it is an atty or adoption agency.
Davanna was also charged and convicted with doing this very same thing already,,,,,,,,grrrrrrr do they ever learn?

October 3, 2013

State drops adoption fraud charge

Move comes after woman admits guilt in federal court

State charges were dismissed against a Muskogee woman who pleaded guilty in federal court to wire fraud in a multistate adoption scam.

Davanna Dotson, 22, is serving 48 months in federal prison, to be followed by three years of probation. As part of a plea deal, she was ordered to pay $14,976.21 in restitution.

Muskogee County District Attorney Larry Moore dropped a felony charge of obtaining money by false pretense Thursday. He said eight other felonies were dismissed in September as part of the federal deal.

“We got our restitution through the federal system,” Moore said. “There was no use in trying to proceed on the same type of charges she’s also plead guilty.”

Dotson was accused of pretending to have a baby for adoption and persuading potential adoptive parents in other states to send money to her for diapers, transportation, car seats and other items.

The scheme involved families and agencies in several states, including Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia and Texas.

Dotson was indicted in November. She pleaded guilty in December and was sentenced in August.

Because Dotson was convicted of a federal charge, Moore said, his office had been planning to dismiss charges on or before Dotson’s state preliminary hearing.

He said there was “no rush” to file the dismissal because Dotson is already serving her sentence.

Allowing the U.S. attorney to take the case Dotson also saved the state the expense of  continuing court proceedings and bringing in people to testify, he said.

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